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Talking Timer

Talking Timer, a simple count-down/count-up timer application, which speaks out the time instance. Talking Timer can be used to set timer while doing Exercises, Yoga, Games etc.

Clash Planner

Clash Planner, an application which can be used for organizing, planning and for assigning war targets for the Game Clash Of Clans.

SPSS DataBank

SPSS DataBank, a web/mobile communication platform for the members of the organization - Sree Pushpakabrahmana Seva Sangham.

Stapto Expenses

A web application to manage, track and monitor all the expenses, payments, dues, presents, gifts or anything that money matters.

Stapto Forms

for HTML Developers

A web application to create/integrate HTML forms in seconds. Form entries will be stored to the user account and also sent to the user email. No need of any PHP, VB, C# or Java Script code. Pure HTML. Unlimited forms and form entries.



Stapto works on design, architecture and development of various applications, softwares and integrations.

A digital portfolio of Applications.

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